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What do you have planned this weekend? If you're like a lot of people, you might not have even considered it yet. Or, you might have plans for Friday or Saturday night. But what about Sunday? A lot of people have Sundays free, and it's usually seen as a relaxing day before the new week begins. Instead of that, add some excitement and get your week started with some fun! Try your hand at placing some bets, and look up bookies opening times Sunday. Visit the store and socialise with others there, or bring along your own group. Take a look at the odds for events in the coming week and put down some money. You'll have fun, and maybe win some cash! It's a great way to up your anticipation for the week ahead. Not sure what to bet on? Or maybe you've never gambled before? Read on for some more information about how you can participate in this exciting pastime. Sports No matter which bookies opening times Sunday you research, you'll find a wide array of sporting events to place your wager on. Football is a hugely popular choice, local and worldwide.


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Horse racing is a classic, and people have been betting on it for centuries. Golf, tennis, rugby, greyhound racing, American football, netball…whatever sport you enjoy, you can up the ante by putting money down on the results. Check your local bookies opening times Sunday and gather your friends - in many stores, you can even watch the games! TV Shows & Film Events You may not know this, but you can bet money on your favourite shows! Have a favourite for Britain's Got Talent? Think you know who's going to win an Oscar? Maybe your partner watches Love Island despite your protests, and you just want to have some fun with it? Whatever your reason for joining in, check your nearby bookies opening times Sunday to stop in a store and place your entertainment bets for the coming week. Political Events You know that you're already discussing politics. Find the store closest to you and the bookies opening times Sunday and place some money on your choices.


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Politics is already a hot topic, but you can make it even hotter by gambling on the results. Local, national, or international elections are all up for grabs. No matter what side you're voting for, you can put down some money and see how you fare. Bet on the next PM, or US President, or any other political event you can think of. Novelty Bets Are you looking to bet on something a little more obscure? If you have fun trying to guess the gender of the next Royal baby, or who will win a Nobel prize, or even what hat the Queen will wear to a big event, consider placing bets on it! From how much snow your city will get for Christmas to when the next celebrity wedding will be, you can wager on your favourites. Find out bookies opening times Sunday to visit your local store and ask about the novelty bets that they offer. See your odds and place a bet for the week! Casino Games Many bookmakers offer games to play both in-store and online. Check out bookies opening times Sunday and visit to see your options. You'll likely find poker, blackjack, roulette, slots, bingo, lottery, and even more. Gamble some money and enjoy the games. Even if you're not normally into betting, but your social group invites you along to the bookies, try your hand at some of these Vegas-style games and see what you can win! All of the excitement of Vegas, with none of the hassle of an international trip. You might be wondering how to find bookies opening times Sunday. Most bookies will offer a store locator on their website with the hours.


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Hours usually vary by location, and may be affected by holidays and other events. Even with the same franchise, hours may differ between the individual stores. Weekends are a great time to visit, but be sure to check the bookies opening times Sunday for them before you head out. Do you need some suggestions for which bookmakers to check out? Read on for some UK stores, as well as helpful links! Coral Coral has been around since 1926, and was the first licensed shop after betting was made legal in the 1960s. It was the first to establish a website for accepting online bets. There are over 1800 stores in the UK. See the below links to find a store near you, as well as bookies opening times Sunday. " Main website " Sports " Gaming " Shop Locator " Contact " Help Ladbrokes Ladbrokes is one of the best-established bookmakers in the UK. They were founded as a horse betting shop back in 1886. They now operate in six countries with more than 15,000 employees. You can also find them at Ascot and eight other racecourses, as well as eight FA Premiership grounds. Follow the links here to learn more about them and see locations and bookies opening times Sunday. " Main website " Sports " Gaming " Shop Locator " Help Betfred. Betfred began in 1967 under the name Done Bookmakers. In 2004, they were rebranded as Betfred when they opened their website and telephone betting. There are more than 1650 stores across the UK. They sponsor fun sporting events like the Betfred League Cup and the Betfred Super League. The links below will take you to more information, the shop locator, and the bookies opening times Sunday. " Main website " Gaming " Totepool " Shop Locator " Contact " Help An online search for local bookies and bookies opening times Sunday will show you if there's more stores in your area. The ones listed above are some of the largest in the UK, but you may find that you have even more options.


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If you see your bookies opening times Sunday and decide you'd rather stay in, you can still place bets online or through a mobile app. All of the above stores have both options available, and some have a telephone option that allows you to call in and place your bet as well. Typically, the website will have you create an account. Next, you'll link that to your bank account. That gives you the ability to fund your gambling account. Once you've added funds, you can start placing your bets just like you would in store. You'll see live updates for the events, and if you have the mobile app, get notifications on your device. If you win anything, you can either leave the winnings in your gambling account or transfer them to your bank account. If you leave them in your online account, you can use them to fund more bets. It's easy to use and available 24/7! If you prefer to visit the shops in person, use the online shop locators for the store of your choice and find their bookies opening times Sunday. Visiting the store in person allows you to turn gambling into a social event. You can meet like-minded gamblers that are there, or bring along your own social group.


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You may find a new hobby to introduce your friends to! Many people see bookie shops as a social gathering place, and will meet there regularly. Weekends are a common time to visit, since many people are off work. If that sounds like something you'd like to do, simply find bookies opening times Sunday for the stores near you. Most have a wide range of hours to attract everyone, but their hours likely vary from store to store. All of them will have them listed online. If you're interested in finding out more about the gambling industry as a whole, you might want to check out the Association of British Bookmakers, or ABB. They provide a lot of resources about betting, responsible gambling, and ways to help the industry. They've reported that the number of local bookmakers has dropped by half since the 1980s. This is partially due to online gambling, and partially from stricter regulations on gambling. You can find out more through the links below. Consider visiting a local bookmaker and finding bookies opening times Sunday to support this industry, as it provides jobs, stimulates the economy, and gives an important social hub to the community it's in. " ABB website " The Betting Industry " Responsible Gambling " ABB Research " Contact